As someone new to Orthodoxy, I found Little Falcons to be of great help. They are so informative and explain the topic in such a way that many grade levels can understand easily... I am sure that the magazine will help my boys understand their faith and what they believe and why.
Kim Frost


These booklets are terrific and very beneficial to our program.
Anna Paramboukas, St. Nicholas Greek Sunday School, Oak Lawn, IL


This publication is the best that we have seen and all our teaching staff and office staff appreciate your time and effort in this endeavor!  Our teachers make good use of this magazine on a regular basis.
Elaina Visnic,  St. Archangel Michael Orthodox Church, Chicago, IL


Looking over the first issue, it only took our Church School Board a second to vote to subscribe our children to this wonderful magazine.
St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, Schererville, IN


I want to THANK YOU for your great publication.  My Sunday School class really enjoyed it as did their parents.  It is a wonderful learning tool for the Orthodox Christian!
Cathy Jankovich, Mercer Island, WA


I really like the “theme” format of your magazine.  It does not go stale as other magazines do, but can be re-read many times for profitable instruction.
Joyce Visnick, St. Luke’s Church, Washington DC


It is well-written, informative, attractively arranged for children’s use…it is also an excellent resource for parents and church school teachers…each issue is like one volume of a children’s encyclopedia about Orthodoxy!
Phyllis Meshel Onest, Orthodox Family Life


 We would love to continue to receive these delightful books as in the past.
Nancy Colakovic, Narrow Path Bookstore, Lansing, IL

Little Falcons is a superb publication for children as well as for our educators.
Raissa Moroz, Librarian St. Andrew’s College in Winnipeg, Canada

How wonderful for our youth to have the fortune of your magazine.  We desperately need this resource to guarantee the preservation of our rich heritage, and, used as a supplement to our Orthodox teachings.
Ljubi Ostoich Hayden, St. Archangel Michael Church, So. Chicago, IL

Keep up the good work.  I really enjoy your publication.
Father Dan Donovan, Philipsburg, PA

God bless your efforts to increase His Presence.
Fr. Basil Grisel, St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Norwich, CONN


I just want to say that “Little Falcons” is just absolutely great!
Julie Z. Felbarth, Omaha, NE

Wonderful magazine for us to read to our grandchildren.
Rose Yovich, Parma, Ohio

Congratulations on “Little Falcons”.  I believe even we adults are not too old to keep learning.  Keep up your fine work!
Julie Felbarth, Omaha, NE

The children’s magazine is excellent.  You should be commended for such a wonderful and much needed work.  If only we could have had something like this when we were children.
Sylvia C. Terbovich

I feel you have an excellent magazine that adults, as well as children, could benefit from.  The magazine contains so much important information about our religion and heritage that even I learned a few things!
Bill Davidovich, San Francisco, CA

I have enjoyed receiving your magazine and sharing it with my staff and my family.
Vasiliki L. Oldziey, Austin, TX

My daughter and I have enjoyed the Little Falcons.  Thank you for your hard work in preserving and educating our children on their religion and heritage!
Nick Temeli, St. Paul, MN

Never too old to learn and Little Falcons has enlightened us on a number of subjects.
Mary Huminsky, Portage, IN

A wonderful publication!
Mrs. V. Zahirsky, Steubenville, OH



By Rosemary Shumski

Little Falcons is a children’s magazine published by the Serbian Orthodox Office of the Diocesan Education and edited by Father Thomas Kazich.  Its goal is to bring children together with their Orthodox faith and heritage and expand their knowledge of various aspects of church life.  Each issue is dedicated to a basic religious theme:  for example, The Gospel, Vestments, The Holy Trinity or Canons.

The first article explains the concept in terms that children can understand.  Additional feature stories relate to the theme and examine the topic from biblical and liturgical viewpoints AS WELL AS HISTORICAL AND SOCIAL PERSPECTIVES.  The issue on vestments discusses the Old Testament story of Joseph and mentions some parables in which clothing is symbolic of “putting on Christ.”  An explanation is given as to why clergy wear vestments and describes how vestments are made.  Another article includes a time line showing different types of clothing worn by people throughout the ages, talks about today’s clothing, and addresses the issue of what is considered appropriate attire for church and other occasions.

A section entitled “Further Exploring” lists brief descriptions of books for recommended reading.  Other regular departments include poetry, music and a column called, “What Kids Think” in which children answer questions associated with the topic of the month.  There are also activities such as word searches, games and puzzles.
 Although directed to the home, the magazine can be adapted for church school use.  Each issue contains enough material to develop into a four week Unit Study.  This publication is geared toward students in grades three through seven, but some articles and activities may be suitable for younger children as well.

Little Falcons is published four times a year:  November, January, March and May.  Subscription rates for the current school year are $ 15.00 for an individual subscription and a bulk rate of $ 5 per subscription if ten or more copies are shipped to one address.  Back issues are available for $ 5.00 each.  To subscribe to the magazine or obtain more information, contact:
Little Falcons
PO Box 371
Grayslake, IL 60030




by Father Moses Armstrong

Reprinted from The Canadian Missionary


The Little Falcons is, perhaps,  the best magazine for young people in the Orthodox Church that I have come across.  It is produced by the Serbian Orthodox New Gracanica Metropolitanate and edited by V. Rev. Fr. Thomas Kazich.

It is always a pleasure to report another step forward taken by Orthodox Christian people.  This short revue of the magazine, “Little Falcons” is a record of just such a step.

The magazine claims to be “bringing our Orthodox Faith and heritage together”.  How is this to be done?  by being fun, educational, interesting, while teaching the traditional Orthodox piety.  We’re sure that Little Falcons is so interesting that parents, grandparents, older brothers and sisters, all will find themselves interested in all the “goodies” this magazine has to offer.  It is no wonder.  Little Falcons is so well organized from the front to the back cover, that it almost seems to have just “fallen off the press”!

Everyone should know however, that a magazine this well organized doesn’t just happen.  It requires a great deal of thought, planning and obvious concern for the passing on of Orthodox piety and love for God.
We are deeply grateful to all those involved in this important and sacred project and ask that God grant many more years of such valuable service.
We highly recommend Little Falcons and strongly suggest that it would be a wonderful “church-school” text for those doing home schooling or isolated Orthodox families.
For more information, please write to Little Falcons, c/o PO Box 371, Grayslake, IL 60030.